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                                Buyer's Page

                                             Litter of 2008

  Surprise visit by Anna Unosdotter and her working dogs Amia, Joffie & Kajsa!!

             Dancing Boot's Mamma Mia/Amia 

            Dancing Boot's Mamma Mia/Amia  

                                             Litter of 2012 

            Dancing Boot's Muskot " Max" sends his regards with mum Maria!

                     He enjoys very much riding a 4-wheeled bike!!



                                              Litter of 2011 

       Dancing Boot's Seneca "Smilla" sends regards from her home and surroundings this autumn!

               Smilla enjoys outdoor activities but also knows how to relax and take life easy!!





      Dancing Boot's Seneca "Smilla" sends her love from Bastad




                                Litter of 2009

                      Elsa (Dancing Boot's Maria Lang)

                                  Elsa posing 3 months old

                     Elsa loves swimming

                       Elsa with her best friend Amanda! Teodor is too small.

                            Peggy (Dancing Boot's Dorothy Sayers)

                         Peggy and her friend Doris.
                    Peggy and her friend Doris.

                    Peggy is owned and loved by Karin Stroemgren.

                    Amanda with Nellie outdoors!!

                    Amanda saying good night to Nellie and Chilli!!

                    Amanda taking a walk with Nellie in the snow.

                    "Nellie" Dancing Boots Minette Walters

                                    Litter of 2008


                      Dancing Boot's Black Bird on a yacht trip with his owners summer 2009


         Dancing Boot's Mean Mr Mustard  ,"Musse",with his new mum Eva Aakerblom, Vaexjoe

     Thank you Lena and Mats for taking care of Musse for us! We wish Musse and his new family lots of joy together! 


                           Dancing Boot's (What about) Livingstone "Winston"


                            Dancing Boot's Take a Chance (on Me) (Wilma) in Norway

                               Dancing Boot's I am just a Girl  "Yasha"

                                  Yasha lives in Trelleborg with her new family.

                             Yasha visiting Snus in Bunkelfostrand


                             Yasha loves relaxing

                           Yasha loves the sea

                            Hm maybe something to eat Yasha says

                             Hey I want to stay, not to go home

                            Zappa with offspring Yasha and  Zoya having fun

                                Dancing Boot's I am just a Girl  "Yasha"

                           Dancing Boot's Sun King ( Truls), Falsterbo


                             Dancing Boot's Sun King ( Truls), on the beach in Falsterbo

                              Dancing Boot's Maggie Mae (Alice), Gothenburg

                           Dancing Boot's Maggie Mae (Alice) with her friend Nellie

                                  Dancing Boot's Take a Chance (on Me) Wilma, Norway.


                Dancing Boot's Take a Chance (on Me) Wilma, Norway on vacation.

                    Yassa (Dancing Boot's I am just a Girl)

                               Yassa came to visit us in Lammhult with mum Elisabeth

                              Yassa is a sister of our Chilli!!Nice of her to visit us all!

                       This is a nice place, with nice dogs says Yassa!!

                                     Litter of 2007

                      Zoya's son and Tekla's grandson Trippen

                             Trippen loves water!!

                       Trippen wants to swim!!

                                   Charlie summer 2007

                            Helping out with the dishes

                             Shoe, no my new toy.

                             I have grown a bit

                             I wonder what it is like on the other side

                                        Nimbus the sailordog summer 2007




            Nimbus (Denmark) 10 weeks         Jesper & Nimbus                  Minna & Nimbus


                                                           Teddy (Lomma) 10 weeks    

                                                                     Litter 2004    

                                                 Dancing Boot's Pelegrin Took "Chicko"


                                                                    Litter 2003    

                                      Dancing Boot's Tamlin Af Isfolket "Gandalf"

                  Remember me?? I am Gandalf living i Stockholm with Monica and Disa!!!



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